Ventoy 1.0.75 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

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Ventoy 1.0.75 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

Ventoy 1.0.75

Ventoy 1.0.75  Gives  a tool that provides a quick way to create USB drives, starting with ISO files. The advantage of reconfiguring your machine with an open USB port is that you don’t have to waste time building a car model. Instead, plug the USB port into a dedicated port and restart your computer. While many functions create USB ports, most operating system resources use the kernel to access hardware storage. The concept of the program is different and the data is written in memory before runtime. As a result, the operating system can detect whether data has been erased from an original disk, identify the components needed for the task, and begin booting without creating a specific boot hook. One important thing to note about Ventry Crack is that this tool gives you the option to add the ISO files you want if you install from the menu.


The program supports ISO files up to 4 GB as well as UEFI native and legacy BIOS and works with most operating systems. Ventoy is an open source tool for creating bootable USB drives with ISO / WIM / IMG / VHD (x) / EFI files. With inventory, you no longer need to format the drive, copy the video file to a USB drive, and play it. You can print multiple image files at once, and the menu will have a menu of your choice. These are x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI, ARM64 UEFI, and MIPS64EL UEFI. Both the MBR and GPT distribution models have similar support. Most supported operating systems (Windows / WinPE / Linux / Unix / Vmware / Xen …) have been tested with over 700 ISO files. 90% + distributions are supported. Although many tools make a bootable USB, most of them rely on the OS kernel for accessing hardware media.

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The idea of ​​the program is different and this means that the information is stored in the execution memory before it is executed. Therefore, the OS can determine that the data has been loaded from a virtual disk, find the source media required for the operation, and proceed to boot without creating a standard hook, as in the case of classic boot. Bootable USB Creator Bootable Disk Creator Create a bootable USB bootable disk in the boot BIOS. Create a bootable USB from multiple ISO files with different versions of operating systems and use them with this tool without formatting the drive. After the trial period, the app returns to the free version, disabling certain features such as real-time security, blocking malicious websites, etc. Also available: Download the Ventoe patch for Mac.

Ventoy 1.0.75


 It is worth noting that this tool allows you to add as many ISO files as you want, in which case you will be greeted by a menu after booting. The program supports more than 4 GB of ISO files as well as native UEFI and Legacy BIOS and works with a wide range of operating systems as the developer claims that more than 160 files have been examined. After the installation is complete, the USB drive will be split in two. The first part can be formatted with the exFAT file system (you can edit it manually with NTFS / FAT32 / UDF / XFS / Ext2 / 3/4… file). Just copy the iso file in this section. You can place the iso / wim / img / vhd (x) file anywhere. Ventoy will search all folders and subfolders, find all video files over and over again and add them in alphabetical order to the boot menu. You can also use the plugin configuration to tell Ventoe to search for video files in a specific folder (and its subfolders).

Key Features:

  • SO files larger than 4GB are supported
  • Default boot style for Legacy / BIOS and UEFI
  • Many ISÖ files have been tested for a variety of support functions
  • Not just to get started, but also to complete the installation process
  • Just read on the USB stick at the beginning
  • The USB stick is always in use without interruption
  • Easy to use
  • Speed ​​(ISO file copying speed only)

Ventoy 1.0.75

  • Start directly from the ISO file, no deletion required
  • The old / BIOS and UEFI are similarly supported

New in the latest version:

  • Some bugs were fixed while modding without any damage.
  • Before damaging Windows, use chkdsk to repair the volume if needed.
  • Add the dir option to the menu_tip plugin. Writing
  • language.json is being updated

Installation requirements:

  • Ventoy2Disk.exe is an x86_32 program
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit windows
  • Computer with Intel / AMD processor.
  • From 1.0. 58, Ventry Ventoy2Disk_X64.exe / Ventoy2Disk_ARM.exe / Ventoy2Disk_ARM64.exe also provides, you can use them if you need.
  • These exe files are located in the latex directory of the installation package.
How to install / hack:
  • Disconnect to the Internet
  • Install the app
  • Do not launch / run the app after installation
  • Copy and paste the contents from the crack folder and convert them to the installation directory
  • Run the program
  • That’s all
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Ventoy 1.0.75 Crack + Activation Key Free Download